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Gigi the medical mystery Tag #12819
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2020-11-24
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PUPDATE-After months of testing, Gigi was diagnosed with an inoperable bladder cancer that has already spread. Her foster mom is going to adopt her and let her live out her life being loved and spoiled. Thank you to all that donated towards Gigi's care.

Gigi and her foster mom have been troopers through all the testing and treatment in the past several months. DRNA has spent over $1400 already with more testing to come.
Gigi was found in a Taco Bell parking lot in Texas, miles from a residential area. For this reason, we presume she was abandoned there which is not uncommon in the area she was found. Thankfully, she was picked up and taken into rescue. She came to Maryland heartworm positive and in need of major dental work. She had 17 teeth extracted and was successfully treated for heartworms. We thought she was ready for adoption until she began to drink large amounts of water and urinating many times throughout the day. She has had testing for Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, Thyroid Imbalance and Urinary Tract Infection, all of which came back negative. Further testing will be required to figure out what is going on with this sweet girl. Can you help Gigi with a contribution towards the additional testing, and ultimately a treatment, that she needs so she can be adopted into a home she can call her own?