Dachshund Rescue of North America
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About DRNA

Dachshund Rescue of North America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with one sole purpose — rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing needy dachshunds and mostly dachshund mixes. We are a network of experienced rescuers with representation in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and southeast and have placed almost 12,000 dogs into their forever homes. DRNA began with a small number of rescuers who worked independently for a year before incorporating in 1999 to realize the benefits of combining resources.

What We Do

Most dogs spend at least a short time in foster care so we can evaluate their behaviors in a home setting. We can give potential adopters information on how they may interact with cats, kids, men, women, other dogs, and so on. These are vital components to a good match. We also try to improve potty training skills if they are not already house trained. Foster homes provide good nutrition and an understanding lap to prepare our dachshunds for life in a world where fear and starvation are non-existent.

All dogs placed by DRNA have been checked out by a veterinarian. The following procedures have been completed:

  • Spayed or neutered
  • Rabies vaccine
  • DHPPC vaccine
  • Fecal tested - negative
  • Heartworm test - negative. If they are found heartworm positive, they are treated as long as they are deemed healthy enough to undergo the treatment. If not, we examine what options are available or keep them in foster while improving their health status. This will be noted on their dog page.
  • Dental cleaning, if needed.
We also try to identify, if not treat, any long-term conditions such as thyroid imbalance, allergies, diabetes, etc. so that you, as the adopter, know what you are committing to.

How We Do It

DRNA has a standard placement fee, regardless of the condition in which the dog was received. We are able to accomplish this through the generosity of donations. We think that there IS a home somewhere for every dog we foster. Some just take a little longer to find.