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Boo #12948

Dog Information
Color: Blue & Tan Coat: Smooth
Pattern: Piebald Gender: Male
Size: Miniature Weight: 10 lbs
Age: 5 Years Category: Adult
Special needs dog? No Sanctuary dog? No
Spayed / Neutered? Yes State: MD
Added: 2021-07-19
Adopted 2021-09-25

Boo, Jem and Scout are a very special threesome and have grabbed my heart as they will yours. Their primary caretaker was killed in a tragic accident and a family member could not take care of them so she contacted us to help the boys. I want to place this little family of dogs, yes, all three of them, into the same adoptive home. They need each other and are great little dogs, so very loving and sweet. They get along great with each other and are used to sleeping in a crate together at night. They are not 100% housetrained, typical dachshunds, and need reminding to go out. Not leash-trained either as they are used to a fenced yard. They love to hear themselves "talk" so no apartments, condos or townhouses. A dachshund-savvy all adult home would be best for them and would set them up for success. All in all, these are great little dogs: handsome, healthy, sweet as can be and just looking to stay together! ***Applicants must be willing to drive to Ellicott City, Maryland (10 miles south of Baltimore) to meet and adopt Boo, Jem and Scout.***

Vetting Information
  • Rabies (2021-07-09)
  • Distemper Combo - NO Lepto (2021-07-09)
  • Exam (2021-07-09)
  • Heartworm Tested (2021-07-21)
  • Fecal Tested (2021-07-21)
  • Exam (2021-07-21)
Other Things To Know About This Dog
  • Bonded Pair - Must be adopted with: Jem #12949
  • Must have fenced yard
  • No cats
  • No small children

Want to know more about Boo? Email DRNA representative at ann.donnawell@drna.org