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JOSIE #12595
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Long-Hair Special needs dog? No
Pattern: Sable Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Miniature Weight: 12 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 3 Years Category: Adult
State: SC - View more in SC
Added: 2019-12-17

IN South Carolina. Need assistance with transport.
Requirements: 1. Needs a secure fenced yard over 4 ft tall, wooden fence, she is a climber, wire fence will not work..
2. Needs a very playful other dog!
3. Needs walks, activity, socialization! Not that you will start walking if you are approved.
4. Does not do well crated for long periods. Prefers a puppy gate with her play pal in there with her vs. a crate when left at home.
I already know she is cute and adorable, but she is also HIGH ENERGY... she must have another very playful companion dog in the house, she needs a fenced in backyard and she needs walks and activity. If she gets bored she will make her own fun, trash cans must have lids, she loves the doggie door and does zoomies with other dogs in the house. A 4 ft. fence offers little protection. She can scale that in 2 seconds flat. She is not a lap dog until the energy has been expended, then she is all kiss, kiss, kiss. She's more like a miniature linebacker tackling the other dogs. She will be running in the backyard and she will tackle one of the bigger dogs, literally grab their collar in mid-air to get them to stop and play with her. Her cute little harness dresses come back in filthy, she puts TIDE detergent to the test! She would do excellent if someone would take her through an obedience course, just something like PetSmart would be fine so you were both speaking the same language. She will do anything for a treat. We are in Greenville SC so will assist with reasonable transportation to an approved new home. She has a high prey drive so she will give chase to a cat, squirrel, anything moving and then you will get your workout catching her if she escapes. She has a tender disposition, just tenacious. Her adoption fee is $275.

Vetting Information
• Fecal Tested 2019-09-13
• Puppy wellness exam 2019-09-13
• Heartworm Tested 2020-09-30
• Rabies 2020-09-30
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2020-09-30
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Must be adopted within 300 miles of South Carolina
• Must have fenced yard
• Needs dog buddy
• No cats
• No small children

Want to know more about JOSIE? Email DRNA representative at mustlove2doxies@yahoo.com