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Leo - Sanctuary dog, no fee! #12551
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Long-Hair Special needs dog? Yes
Pattern: Sable Gender: Male Sanctuary dog? Yes
Size: Miniature Weight: 12 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 9 Years Category: Senior
State: MD - View more in MD
Added: 2019-06-12

Sweet, friendly, happy, gorgeous longhaired Leo 12551 is a great little dog! He is 9 years young and has a beautiful red coat with a sable overlay. He weighs about 12 lbs. Leo never regained the ability to walk following back surgery 3 years ago but he is very mobile in his new cart that DRNA just gave him. He needs a little help to urinate and is very easily bladder expressed. Leo was the beloved dachshund of a lady who died, and since Leo was not getting enough attention without her, he joined the DRNA family. Cart dogs are just like other dogs except they are on wheels. They go for walks, sleep in a dog bed, have adventures, love to snuggle, watch TV or listen to music with their human, and most of all, they are eager to share the life of the person they love! Leo does not want to be left at home in a crate for hours at a time when there is so much to do and so much dachshund love to give! He will bring his cart, leash, harness, collar, and toys with him to his new home. For his safety, no small children or large dogs. We do not cat test. A fenced yard would be great so Leo can potty outdoors and run around and play using his new wheels. Leo must be adopted within 150 miles of Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC so we can do a home visit. So Leo doesn't roll down the stairs (he forgets he's on wheels), baby gates are required at the tops of stairs. There is no fee to adopt Leo 12551. Leo might be the ideal companion dog for a child 7+, teen, or adult who also uses wheels! He is the sweetest!

Vetting Information
• Heartworm Tested (4 DX SNAP) 2019-06-11
• Fecal Tested 2019-06-11
• Rabies 2019-06-11
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2019-06-11
• Wellness Exam 2019-06-11
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Must be adopted within 150 miles of Baltimore MD/Washington, DC
• No large dogs
• No small children

Want to know more about Leo - Sanctuary dog, no fee!? Email foster family at Shell0660@gmail.com