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Colby Hurt His Back Tag #12561
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2022-03-02
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Please open your hearts to DRNA rescue boy Colby who is located in Maryland. He’s the sweetest, friendliest standard senior and he’s looking for his Forever Mommy or Daddy. He was surrendered to the shelter when he had back trouble and couldn't walk but he’s doing well and doesn’t need surgery. He’s a little chunky but we have enrolled him in Biggest Loser Dachshund Edition and he will soon be at a healthy weight. Please consider donating to offset the cost of laser therapy treatments for his back and the dental work Colby badly needs. Perhaps you might want to dedicate your donation in memory of a special dog you loved or one who also had some back issues. Most of all, please send Colby your love! Thank you.