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Dante #12327
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Smooth Special needs dog? No
Pattern: None Gender: Male Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Tweenie Weight: 15 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 2 Years Category: Adult
State: VA - View more in VA
Added: 2017-09-03

Hi I am Dante. Do you have time for the saddest story on the planet? Me and my brother Dimitri haVe been adopted out not once but TWICE and each time the adopter has backed out THROUGH NOT FAULT OF OURS WHATSOEVER...I promise that is the truth. And not only did they back out they led Foster Mom along and made her wait until it was convenient for them and THEN they backed out....said we were not suitable...too big (we are mixes and our longer legs mean we won't have back trouble)...too boisterous...we are young boys and we love to run! Not only that but we are finding out that but we are now learning that at least one other adopter who was extremely interested in us a few months ago sadly has already adopted elsewhere so we are TRIPLE BUMMED! I was rescued many months ago along with my brother Dimitri and we are the sweetest boys on the planet. I am the larger one and I can be a bit shy but we are both very loving and EXTREMELY FOOD MOTIVATED (give us treat and we will do whatever you say!). Dimitri says that while he is giving kisses I am secretly plotting and planning my next treat. Foster Mom used to say that we could be adopted out as a bonded pair or separately but that just changed. We are going to be adopted out as brothers to the right family this time and it is going to be forever. We want a big fenced yard, would prefer to be out in the country, would love it if at least one of our human parents were home with us, and we are going to require a TON of exercise. The rewards will be endless. Oh and Foster Mom also says that this time anyone who wants us and who passes muster with DRNA will come and pick us up in Waynesboro VA and will do it right away as soon as they are approved to adopt. Please help us learn to trust people again because right now Foster Mom is not feeling too good about them. Woof and we cannot wait to love up on you!

Vetting Information
• Rabies 1 year 2017-09-01
• Heartworm Tested 4DX 2017-09-15
• Fecal Tested 2017-09-15
• Distemper Combo with Lepto 2017-10-05
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Bonded Pair - Must be adopted with: Dimitri #12326

Want to know more about Dante? Email foster family at kassiedoggie@comcast.net