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Nadi #11479
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Long-Hair Special needs dog? Yes
Pattern: Sable Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? Yes
Size: Tweenie Weight: 16 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 16 Years Category: Senior
State: NC - View more in NC
Added: 2017-01-02

Hi, I'm Nadia, & that is my 'original' name----it means 'Hope'. I am hoping for a new family/home this new year. (BTW, foster mom calls me Nadi!) I was abandoned by my longtime family in a shelter in Sept. 2016. I had not been to a vet in 2+ yrs., & my teeth were in bad shape. Also, being very arthritic w/ luxating patellas (kneecaps) that had 'frozen' in place, I was in much pain. Had a dental & after that, started to feel better. However, the arthritis can only be treated w/ supplements & pain med. The 'bow-legged' rear legs are permanent, & means I don't/can't do stairs. I am definitely more of a one-person dog, & bond fairly quickly/easily w/ my caretaker. Have some separation issues & that may be due to being 'shuffled' abt. betw. 4 family homes (mom, dad after divorce, adt. daughter, & relative w/ mom)! So sometimes I will bark my sadness for you for short time. I am house-trained (But if you 'disappear' too long, I will pee!!) I sleep in the 'Big Bed' & am a great sleeper----barely move at all! Travel in car great! Need a quiet/calm home, & really have few demands. I do need a good quality diet, as I will be 16 yrs. Feb. 24th, & mostly lay around. Fostered in eastern NC, & no long distance transport (but you are welcome to come get me!).

Vetting Information
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2014-03-25
• Rabies 2015-04-29
• Heartworm Tested 2016-09-28
• Fecal Tested 2016-09-28
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• At-home adopter needed
• Has separation anxiety
• Must be adopted within 150 miles of Greenville, NC
• No children
• No large dogs
• No small children
• Quiet home needed

Want to know more about Nadi? Email foster family at K9RNSusie@suddenlink.net